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Anti-Microbial & Mold Protection

mPale is custom engineered to provide a unique two part protective action upon application. The first takes place when the mPale product is sprayed or wiped onto a surface. Upon drying, which usually takes just a few minutes, mPale permanently bonds to that surface, providing a durable and uniform polymer coating...a shield, if you will. The second action creates microscopic spikes that protrude from the treated surface and exert a pull on microorganisms. Once drawn to the surface, the spike penetrates the microorganism’s cell membrane and immediately disrupts the lifecycle of the microorganism. It is this two part protective action that distinguishes the mPale technology from other technologies. Most other antimicrobials contain heavy metals or poisons which pass a lethal dose from the surface into the organisms and, over time, is absorbed, causing them to die. Normally, this process has little or no durability and requires frequent reapplication.

The lipoprotein and negatively charged cell membrane is attracted to the positively charged mPale treated surface and punctured by the long molecular chain. The microorganism is “electrocuted.” Since the mPale technology is not consumed by the organism, it stands ready to protect again and again.

Since 1976, the unique ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology

has been used throughout the United States and around the

world to treat and prevent sick building problems in

hospitals, healthcare facilities, offices, hotels, schools,

restaurants, stores, and private homes and to protect a vast

array of manufactured goods – from undergarments to

carpets and from touch screens to footwear.

• Destroys microorganisms by attacking and physically

piercing (disrupting) the cell membrane.

• Remains permanently affixed to the surface,

providing unsurpassed durability.

• Bonds virtually to all materials and surfaces, both

painted and unpainted.

• Does not rub off or migrate onto the skin or into

the environment.

• Unlike common leaching materials, does not set up

an environment that encourages the development of

resistant organisms (“super bugs”).

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